Transition Readiness Program (TRP)

Transition Readiness Program (TRP) provides career and job search assistance, occupational guidance, and transition guidance information to separating and retiring service members and their families. We provide assistance with resume and federal application preparation, interview skills, and a career resource center for career research and professional development. Click here to see the 2017 TRS Schedule.

Resume Appointments Available at the TRP Office

Resumes normally get less than a 15 to 30 second glance at the first screening. Transition Readiness Program offers assistance in resume preparation.

resumeExampleA Resume Critique Appointment ensures that:

  • The design looks professional
  • Your value and credentials are highlighted
  • Career accomplishments are stated and relevant to the company’s needs
  • The content flows logically and is easy to understand
  • Your resume gets read!!!

To schedule an appointment for a resume critique, please call 808-257-7790/7797 or click the blue button to the right. Bring a copy of your current resume. If you are applying for a particular position, bring the job posting information.


TRP facilitates the Transition Readiness Seminars (TRS), which are mandatory before separating or retiring from the military. Service members must contact their Career Planner, Unit Transition Counselor (UTC) or Command Career Counselor to enroll in the mandatory TRS.

UTC Toolkit

Click on each step below to guide you through the transition process.

STEP 1 — Pre-Work: Complete Prior to TRS

  1. Prepare for the mandatory, 5-day Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS)
  2. The following pre-work webinars and certificates are required to be completed before you can register for a seminar (view Prework Instructions)
    **If you are accessing this site from a .mil computer, please right-click on the links below and select “copy link address” or “copy shortcut” and then open a new tab in your browser and paste it into your browser URL window.**

    • Preseparation Webinar (Click on the “Transition Readiness Training” title)
    • Individual Transition Plan (ITP) Worksheet
    • TGPS Personal Financial Planning for Transition Course (3 hrs)
      • How to Access JKO Courses
      • Step 1: Sign-in using your CAC card or government issued email address
      • Step 2: Click on the “COURSE CATALOG”
      • Step 3: Under “Courses” tab, type “US003” and search or use the direct link listed here:
      • Step 4: ENROLL in TGPS Personal Financial Planning for Transition course
      • Step 5: COMPLETE the course
      • Step 6: PRINT Completion Certificate and bring to class
      • NOTE: Print out the worksheet and complete your budget while you are working on the JKO course. All amounts in the “Actual” column of the budget worksheet must be complete. This portion of the budget and the JKO course are mandatory pre-work items.
    • Budget Worksheet
    • VMET (Verification of Military Experience and Training)
      • If you do not have a CAC-enabled PIN, you must register for a DS Log-on by selecting from the following options:
        • Use your MyPay log-on information, OR
        • Information provided to DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System)
      • If you are still having problems obtaining your VMET, AFTER registering for a DS Log-on, please go to the TRS Office, Building 219, Room 1 and request a copy.
    • JST (Joint Service Transcript)
      • Step 1: Follow directions for CAC users if using your CAC. If not using your CAC then follow directions for Registering to Use this system.
      • Step 2: Once logged on the welcome page click on the Transcript link at the top of the page.
      • Step 3: Select the “COMBO REPORT” to print an individual (unofficial) transcript online.
      • Step 4: PRINT and bring to class.
      • OR: Contact the MCBH Education Office (257-2158) to print a copy for you.
    • Kuder Interest Profiler
      • Complete Interest Profiler Survey.
      • PRINT out results of survey and bring them to class.
    • E-Benefits
      • Step 1: Click on “REGISTER FOR BENEFITS” tab located at the top right side of website.
      • Step 2: Follow the steps to create the account (you may use the same DS Log-on created to obtain your VMET)
      • Step 3: PRINT out screen shot as proof of creating account.
    • PSMC (Personal Statement of Military Compensation)
      • Step 1: Log into your Marine Online Account
      • Step 2: Click on Personal Information tab at the top of the screen
      • Step 3: Find the Personal Statement of Military Compensation (PSMC) link.
      • Step 4: You may view the PSMC detailed view or the basic PSMC view. The detailed view will give you a more narrative break-down of the information.
      • Step 5: PRINT out and bring to class.
    • College / Vocational Tech Track Prework (Optional)
  3. Bring your completed pre-work and signed DD 2648 to receive a FASTPASS to TRS
    • Issued Tuesdays from 0730-0930 and 1200-1630 at TRP Office, Bldg. 219, Room 1
    • Issued Wednesdays from 0900-1630 at Education Center, Bldg. 220
    • Issued Thursdays from 0730-1630 at TRP Office, Bldg. 219, Room 1

STEP 2 — TRS: Transition Readiness Seminar, 12-14 Months Prior to EAS

  • Mon – Fri Bldg 279 – 2nd Deck (unless assigned otherwise) 0730 – 1630
    Check in on Monday morning is from 0630 to 0705
  • In Classroom VA and DOL Employment workshops and Transition specific info
  • Overview of Additional Tracks: Education, Career Technical, Entrepreneurial
  • Pre-Separation Briefing & sign – off DD26-48
  • TAD for the week – 100% in class – NO outside appointments or being pulled away
  • Click here to see the 2017 TRS Schedule.

STEP 3 — Personal Work: Additional Workshops, Advising

  • Take additional Tracks: Education, Career Technical, or Entrepreneur
    • Education Track
      Prepare for success in higher education at this two-day seminar. Receive information about how to select a college or university, enrollment procedures, admission requirements, and educational funding, including financial aid and scholarships.
    • Career Technical Track
      This two-day seminar prepares Marines and Sailors for jobs based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic, and totally specific in trade, occupation, or vocational career fields. Technical training educates and/or certifies attendees in fields requiring expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology preparing the individual for employment in a certain job classification, field or industry.
    • Entrepreneur Track
      This two-day seminar will help Marines and Sailors make the best and most informed choices about starting, owning, and operating a small business. Participants will be provided with information and references about owning their own business, and gaining a full understanding of the requirements, responsibilities and resources needed to succeed. This workshop will provide participants with the means to decide if this career or employment option is the direction they wish to take when leaving the service.
  • Schedule One-on-one Counseling/Advising Session(s) with TRP/Education Staff
  • Prepare ITP for your personal transition goals
  • Complete Resume/Advising appt. with P&PD Advisors as needed
  • Adjust 12 month after transition budget/Attend 1 on 1 Advising or workshop
  • Apply to Jobs and Schools

STEP 4 — TRS 400: Pre-Capstone, 120-180 Days Prior to EAS

  • Offered every Tuesday at 1000
  • Bring Completed ITP per your goals (see all *** on Blocks 1 – 3, pgs 1-14)
    (Education – Block 4, Career VoTech – Block 5, Entrepreneurial – Block 6)
  • Completed Resume
  • Completed 12 – month post – Transition Budget
  • Completed MOC – Gap Analysis
  • Attach O’net or Kuder Journey Assessment results,
  • If additional Tracks were taken: Additional Track Career Readiness Standards
  • If Applicable: Job offer or
  • TRP personnel will sign-off on DD2958

STEP 5 — Capstone: 90 Days Prior to EAS

  • Schedule with Command Career Planner for final Capstone interview with the Commanding Officer or his designee.
  • DD2958 is returned to TRP Office by the Command for final disposition.

STEP 6 — Transition to Civilian

  • Go to IPAC with:
  • DD2648 from your TAKL site
  • DD2958 signed off by TRS and Command
  • Receive DD214

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