Retired Activities Program

Focusing on the retirement community, this program offers assistance and/or referrals to retirees and serves as a focal point for the group.
Marine & Family Programs
Kaneohe Bay
Building #219
Phone: 808-257-7796
Monday-Friday, 0730-1600

The 2019 United States Marine Corps Retiree Breakfast has been cancelled due to budgetary constraints.

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Veterans Retraining Assistance Program
Are you a 35-60 year-old unemployed Veteran looking for a new career? If so, Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) provides training to eligible Veterans with education benefits for up to 12 months of training. See this VRAP PDF Flyer to get complete information on how find out if you qualify and how to apply for this program.

Resume Appointments Available at the TRP Office
Resumes normally get less than a 15 to 30 second glance at the first screening. Transition Readiness Program offers assistance in resume preparation.

resumeExampleA Resume Critique Appointment ensures that:

  • The design looks professional
  • Your value and credentials are highlighted
  • Career accomplishments are stated and relevant to the company’s needs
  • The content flows logically and is easy to understand
  • Your resume gets read!!!

To schedule an appointment for a resume critique, please call 808-257-7790/7797. Bring a copy of your current resume. If you are applying for a particular position, bring the job posting information.


Important Information

DD 214s, Medical Records, Awards

DD 214s
Marines who have been discharged, separated, or retired before December 31, 1998:
National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138
(314) 801-0800
fax: (314) 801-9195

Marines discharged, retired, or separated after January 1, 1999:
Commandant of the Marine Corps (MMSB-10)
2008 Elliot Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5030

Medical Records
Marines who have been discharged, separated or retired May 1, 1994 or later:
Department of Veterans Affairs, Records Management Center
P.O. Box 5020
St. Louis, MO 63115-8950
fax: (314) 538-4571

Note: Discharged, separated or retired Marines before May 1, 1994 must contact NPRC

Marines who have been discharged, separated or retired before December 31, 1998:
Navy Personnel Command (PERS-312B); 1
1 Archive Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138
(314) 538-2312
fax: (314) 538-2316

Marines who have been discharged, separated or retired after January 1, 1999:
Commandant of the Marine Corps (MMMA)
2008 Elliot Road
Quantico, VA 22134
(703) 784-9206

Be a Marine for Life Mentor

Marines returning to the civilian community can benefit from your life experience. As a Marine for Life mentor, you will help those who have honorably left the Marine Corps and are moving on to civilian life. Learn more about helping Marine veterans succeed by visiting Marine for Life Network . A Marine For Life representative will be in touch with you to explain how you can help.

Space-Available Travel

Who can fly Space-Available travel? According to the Space Available Handbook (January 30, 2012), retired military members who use the U.S. Armed Forces ID Card (Retired) and eligible to receive retired or retainer pay are eligible. Your family members may fly space A (with a valid ID card) when accompanied by you, the military sponsor. Read more about it Space-A Travel .

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