Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) program ensures that the needs of the exceptional family member are taken into consideration throughout the change of assignment process. These needs may include physical, emotional, developmental and medical components. Staff are trained to assist military members in the enrollment process and provide information on local military and community support programs. Click here to see the current EFMP Ohana Observer Newsletter.

Who is an Exceptional Family Member?

An Exceptional Family Member (EFM) is the DEERS enrolled family member of a military member who requires special medical or educational services based on diagnosed physical, intellectual or emotional needs.

A family member with special needs warrants a certain lifestyle, sacrifice and rewards. The Exceptional Family Member Program staff is dedicated to ensure that all Marine and Navy families who have an EFM are provided with information and resources necessary to assist them. The EFMP can not accomplish this task alone. We need your help. We need your input in order to create a program that incorporates the real issues of concern. No one can help us achieve this better than those who endure the lifestyle. 

EFMP Reimbursement Process

The Marine Corps Exceptional Family Member Program is a mandatory enrollment program designed to coordinate permanent change of station assignments for active duty sponsors who have a family member with special needs. When Marines are assigned to locations where their family members have access to required care, it allows the Marine to focus on the mission, enhancing the individual and family readiness.

Marines and families often contact EFMP with recommendations about how the program can better support families and we value this communication. Several months ago, families began notifying EFMP that some TRICARE authorized providers were charging for completion of the DD Form 2792. This form is used across the Department of Defense to identify the medical requirements of family members for the purpose of EFMP enrollment. Enrolled families must also submit an updated form every three years to ensure that the most current information is available for EFMP assignment review.

As we investigated, we learned that network providers cannot receive TRICARE reimbursement for the time associated with completion of this form and therefore passed the cost to the individual family. Additionally, we have learned that absent regulation, authorized provider charges to families are inconsistent, and in some cases, cost prohibitive for families.

The Marine Corps believes that families should not bear the cost of form completion to comply with a DoD-mandated program, and we have instituted a reimbursement process, retroactive to October 1, 2014. We have authorized reimbursement at actual cost, up to a maximum of $200/package, whichever is less. We recognize that some providers are charging more than the $200/package, however with education, may reduce their charges to align with our reimbursement. In some cases, providers have been charging less than the maximum amount authorized by the Marine Corps; we commend them and encourage them to keep their rates consistent. EFMP-enrolled Marines who are interested in pursuing a reimbursement, should contact their assigned EFMP office for assistance. Marine Corps EFMP POCs and additional information about the reimbursement process can be found at the EFMP Portal.

You can also visit the MARADMIN link here: http://www.marines.mil/News/Messages/MARADMINS.aspx

Call our office at (808) 257-0290 if you have any questions.



EFMP 101 Brief

Learn important facts about Exceptional Family Member Program and what we can do to help you enroll and get the benefits and support. Click here for the upcoming EFMP 101 brief and Special Needs Advisory Forum (SNAF) 2017 dates and additional information.




Exceptional Family Member Program’s Respite Care

The Respite Care Program is intended to reduce stress on sponsor families by providing temporary rest periods for family members who are responsible for the regular care of dependents with special needs with a Level of Need (LoN) 3 or 4. Only adult Exceptional Family Members (EFMs) with a LoN 4 remain eligible for respite care for themselves. If you are unsure as to your or your child’s LoN, please contact EFMP at 808-257-0290.

Respite Care is a non-entitlement benefit intended to provide brief rest periods for the primary caregiver(s) and may not be used to fund 1) Pre-school programs, 2) Day care or babysitting to allow the sponsor or spouse to work or attend school, or 3) Therapy sessions or therapeutic recreation for the EFM.

You may be eligible for EFMP Respite Care, if you are a Marine Corps Family or Navy Family assigned to a Marine unit with the following:

  • Enrolled in the EFMP and all paperwork is up-to-date
  • An EFM with a Level of Need 3 or 4
  • The EFM child(dren) residing in the sponsor’s home
  • Enrolled in the EFMP Respite Care Program at Marine Corps Base Hawaii

How do I apply? Call the EFMP Office at 808-257-0290 to learn about the Respite Care Program. (Reimbursement is up to a certain limit and has specific provider skill requirements.)

Click here for the EFMP Respite Care Log (PDF 2MB) and here for the Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF 21KB).

EFMP Respite Care Changes are detailed here in MCBUL 1754 (PDF 113KB). These changes took effect 1 October 2013.


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