MCCS Free WiFi Spots

Looking for WiFi? We’ve got it, and it’s FREE.

Just go to any of the locations listed below to access it.
When prompted, agree to the terms and hit login.

  • MCBH Base Library at Kaneohe Bay
  • Camp Smith Recreation Center
  • Education Center
  • Kahuna‚Äôs Sports Bar & Grill
  • Single Marine & Sailor Recreation Center
  • Semper Fit Center Camp Smith
  • Semper Fit Center Kaneohe Bay
  • Semper Fit Center Kulia
  • Semper Fit Center Puuloa
  • The Inns of the Corps at Kaneohe Bay
  • The Villas at Kaneohe Bay
  • The Cabanas at Kaneohe Bay
  • The Cottages at Kaneohe Bay

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