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Base Leadership
Welcome to Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Marine & Family Programs Information
Marine & Family Programs 
Get Acquainted with Marine & Family Programs.

MCBH Medical Clinic
MCBH Medical Clinic
Our State of the Art Medical Clinic.

Ocean Safety
Ocean Safety at MCBH Kaneohe Bay
MCBH has some beautiful but dangerous beaches. Learn how to prepare yourself for the ocean.

Traffic Safety Briefing
Traffic Safety Briefing
Learn about Oahu Roads

PMO Newcomers video
Provost Marshal Office (PMO) Newcomers
Learn about vehicle and firearm registration.

MCCS is hiring!
MCCS Hawaii is hiring
MCCS Hawaii is still hiring. Join our team today.

Environmental Safety
Environmental Safety
Protecting historical and cultural resources on Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

MCB Hawaii Legal Assistance Office
MCBH Legal Assistance Office
Our services and legal assistance for you.

Legal Office Power of Attorney Information
MCBH Legal Assistance Office: POA
Learn how to complete a power of attorney (POA) through the MCBH Legal Assistance Office.

Exclusive benefits for the military communities.

Koolau Federal Credit Union
Ko’olau Federal Credit Union
Neighbors helping neighbors. Visit Ko’olau Federal Credit Union for your financial needs.

Farmers Insurance
Farmers Insurance
Switch to Farmers and save with our special Military discounts.

Windward Mall
Windward Mall
Windward Mall in Kaneohe, Hawaii offers shopping, dining, and entertainment for all.

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We know moving can be stressful. Below is a list of resources to help your transition to or from Hawaii be as smooth as can be.

Information, Referral, & Relocation Services (IRRS)
Looking for information? IRRS is a great place to start! IRRS provides relocation assistance to families coming to and leaving from Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Available resources include:

New Arrivals Packet

New Arrival Orientation: Welcome Aboard Package

PCS Toolkit

Permanent Change of Station (PCS): PCS Toolkit

Lending Locker: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday through Friday 0900-1600. Click here to schedule your appointment https://ppdev.eventbrite.com or call 808-257-7786. 

Sponsorship Assistance: Youth Request or Individual Request


Sponsorship Training: IRRS is holding virtual Sponsorship and Sponsorship Coordinator Training. Registration is required, please register here: https://ppdev.eventbrite.com/. Additionally, you can access the HQMC sponsorship training module on the Military One Source “My Training Hub” at https://myhub.militaryonesource.mil/. Make a profile and select the Sponsorship Training. A certificate will be generated at the end of the training for your records. Call 808-257-7786 with questions.

Still have questions? IRRS can assist you in locating the service you need. IRRS provides a wide range of facts about services and programs available at MCBH and civilian agencies in the local community, as well as national resources. Check out our Facebook page at Facebook.com/MCBHInformationAndReferral. For additional information, call 808-257-7786. We are located in Building 579 on Reed Road (near The Officers’ Club and KT Hill).

email iconContact us TODAY or register online

Get Prepared
You can register for workshops like the PCS and Moving Workshop or our Sponsorship Training or Sponsorship Coordinator Workshops at Eventbrite.

Check-in/Check-out Process
Call 808-257-7786 or email ombkbay.mcbhirrs@usmc-mccs.org for virtual check-in and check-out.

Single Marine & Sailor Program 
The Single Marine & Sailor Program (SM&SP) is a highly-energized, highly-active program designed to address and enhance the quality-of-life for Single Marines and Sailors stationed aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Visit our SM&SP web page for more information and how to get involved.

Marine & Family Programs, Personal Professional Readiness LibGuides
LibGuides is a website with links to contact information and resources within the Personal and Professional Development Department.

To book accommodations at one of our lodging facilities, call 808-254-2806. The Front Desk is open 0800-2200.

Temporary Lodging Assistance (TLA)
Got questions about TLA? Call 808-257-2198 for assistance.

Family Housing
Although not part of MCCS, we are happy to put you in touch with the Ohana Military Communities housing office at 808-839-8720 x2.

Getting Around Marine Corps Base Hawaii
See this Base Map for a diagram of MCCS Activities and Businesses.

Child Development Centers
Childcare is available at two child care facilities on-base. See our CDC page for more information.

Child Care Request
To place a request for full-day child care go to www.militarychildcare.com.

School Liaison
We are here to support and facilitate school transitions for families with school-age children. If you have questions related to the Hawaii Department of Education, Private Schools, and or Home Schooling, please feel free to contact the School Liaison at 808-257-2019, Mon-Fri 0800-1600.

Visit our job listing page to see more information on working for MCCS.

Family Member Employment Assistance  Program (FMEAP)
Visit the FMEAP page to see more information.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
24/7 MCBH Sexual Assault Support Line 808-216-0126
DOD SAFE HELPLINE 877-995-5247 or safehelpline.org

Veterinary Clinic
The Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) on MCB Hawaii is run by the US Army and provides acute care, wellness, and minor sick call care. We do not handle emergencies. Visit the VTF page for information on how to register your pets and services provided.


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