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You can now stay in touch with all the latest goings on through your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Just look for the Facebook on pages throughout the website in the sidebar.

Click it and you will be taken to that Facebook page. Be sure to “Like” the page and you will receive updates whenever the page is updated.

For Twitter users, you will need to access the Twitter links below. Once you become a follower, all MCCS updates will appear on your Twitter wall.

Accessing us on social media is easy! Simply click the name of the page below that you would like to visit. All of the following links take you out of our website to a new window.

MCCS Hawaii

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Education Center

K-Bay Lanes

Kahuna’s @ KBay

Kaneohe Bay Airshow

Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course

MCBH Libraries

MCCS Hawaii HR

Marine & Family Programs

Marine Corps Family Teambuilding

MCB Hawaii Marina

MCB Hawaii Semper Fit Aquatics

MCB Hawaii Volunteers

MCCS ITT & Tradewind Travel

Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP)

Semper Fit

Single Marine & Sailor Program (SM&SP)

Staff NCO Club

Lodging at Kaneohe Bay (All lodging on K-Bay)

The Officers’ Club


MCCS Hawaii

MCB Hawaii Marina

Klipper Golf Course

K-Bay Lanes

Information, Tickets & Tours (ITT)

MCX @ K-Bay

K-Bay O’Club

Kahuna’s Sports Bar & Grill

Five-O Motors

Semper Fit Aquatics

Single Marine & Sailor Program


MCCS Hawaii

Kaneohe Bay Airshow

BayFest Hawaii



MCBH Library


2015 Swamp Romp

2011 BayFest

2010 Kaneohe Bay Airshow

Race Events




Water Safety
Click on a title below to view the related video.

Drowning is the main cause of death for children age 1 – 4

Boating Safety Sidekicks-WEAR IT!

Summer Safety – Swimming

Water Safety

Don’t Wreck Your Summer PSA: ‘Grandpa’

This much

Pool Safety

Lifejacket Awareness

Making Pool Access Mission Impossible for Kids

Drowning Prevention: It could be you

TV PSA with the Labontes


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