Single Marine & Sailor Program FAQs

Single Marine Program Contact Information

Single Marine Program

SM&SP Office
(located inside Single Marine Recreation Center)
Building #1629
Phone: 808-254-7593

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 0800-1630

Q: Who qualifies for the SM&SP?
A: All single/unaccompanied Active Duty Marines and Sailors who serve aboard
MCB Hawaii.


Q: If I have a girlfriend or boyfriend, can I still participate in SM&SP activities and events?
A: Absolutely. You will be completely eligible for the program’s benefits until you are married.


Q: Is it true that the SM&SP is a dating service?
A: No. The SM&SP is a “Quality of Life” program dedicated to serving the single/unaccompanied Marines and Sailors serving aboard MCB Hawaii.


Q: What types of events and activities does the SM&SP offer?
A: The SM&SP offers a wide variety of activities — everything from neighbor island excursions to on-base activities. Essentially, the sky’s the limit (and the MCO that prohibits the really dangerous stuff). Watch this short video to see the types of events we offer.


Q: If I have an idea for an event, can I present it to the program for consideration?
A: Yes, and please do. New ideas are what keep this program running.


Q: Whom do I talk to in order to present my ideas?
A: You have three options: (1.) Attend one of the SM&SP meetings and present your idea directly to the committee, (2.) Work with your unit representative, and he or she will speak for you, (3.) There is an email link on the SM&SP page that you can send them to.


Q: How do I contact my unit representative?
A: If your unit representative has not had direct contact with you, utilize your chain of command to seek he or she out.


Q: If my unit does not have a representative, how do I get one?
A: Speak with your chain of command and present the issue as a “Quality of Life” (QOL) concern. Every command should appoint a SM&SP representative in writing. Contact the SM&SP coordinator, Karley Peterson, and she will assist you in working with your command.


Q: How do I become a representative for the SM&SP?
A: If you currently do not have a representative appointed, the answer is the same as above. If your unit does have a representative, you may apply to become an alternate or assistant SM&SP representative.


Q: Where is the SM&SP office located and who is the program coordinator?
A: The SM&SP office is located in Bldg 1629 (inside Kahuna’s Recreation Center). You may email the SM&SP Coordinator at this email.


Q: When and where are the SM&SP meetings?
A: The SM&SP meets the first and third Tuesday of every month at Kahuna’s Sports Bar & Grill. For the next meeting date and time, contact your unit representative or email the SM&SP Coordinator.


Q: If I do not qualify for the program, can I still be a part of it?
A: Yes, you can. You are more than welcome to attend the meetings and share your ideas. You may also assist by volunteering at any of the SM&SP unitĀ events. We urge you to help your unit representative in passing on information and coordinating events for your unit.

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