Moving to or from MCB Hawaii

Aloha! We know moving can be stressful. Below is a list of resources to help your transition to or from Hawaii smooth as can be.

Information & Referral
Looking for information? I&R is a great place to start!

I&R provides relocation assistance to families coming to and leaving from Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Available resources include:

  • New Arrival Orientation: Welcome Aboard Package
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS): PCS Toolkit
  • Lending Locker: By appointment Mon–Fri. Call (808)257-7786 or (808)257-8354 for appointment availability.
  • Sponsorship Training:
    • In lieu of face-to-face training, please access the HQMC sponsorship training module on the Military One Source “My Training Hub” at Make a profile and select the Sponsorship Training. A certificate will be generated at the end of the training for your records. Call 257-7786 with questions.
  • Sponsorship Assistance: Youth Request or Individual

Still have questions?

I&R can assist you in locating the service you need. I&R provides a wide range of facts about services and programs available at MCBH and civilian agencies in the local community, as well as national resources.

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Check-in/Check-out Process
Call 257-7786 or email for virtual check-in and check-out.

To book accommodations at one of our lodging facilities, visit our website lodging pages or call 808-254-2806. The Front Desk is open 0800-2200.

School Liaison
We are here to support and facilitate school transitions for families with school-age children. If you have questions related to the Hawaii Department of Education, Private Schools, and or Home Schooling, please feel free to contact the School Liaison at 808-257-2019, Mon-Fri 0800-1600.

Visit our job listing page to see more information on working for MCCS.

Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP)

Visit the FMEAP page to see more information.

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