MCFTB – LifeSkills

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LifeSkills provides Marine Corps spouses the opportunity to further their personal  and professional growth. The triad of workshops provide skills and educational development in the following areas:  Communication, Relationship Building, Personal and Professional Empowerment, Business Management and Leadership, Stress  Reduction, Goal Setting, and Life/Work Balance. Workshop topics include:

  • Understanding your personality type and others
  • Improving communications
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Improving your team building skills

mcftb_slsThese  four-hour interactive, educational workshops provide participants the  opportunity to improve interpersonal skills, become a more effective communicator and facilitate better team building. Participants are also able to take a self-scored personality assessment and learn how their personality type  relates and can interact more effectively with others. The skills and techniques gained through this workshop will benefit leaders of all experience levels.  LifeSkills Trainer 808-257-2657.


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