Health Promotion

Health Promotion Contact Information

Semper Fit Center
Kaneohe Bay, Building #3037
Phone: 808-254-7473

Gym Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 0400-2200
Mon-Fri 0700-1000 (Dependents allowed)
Closed for cleaning 1000-1100/1400-1500
Sat/Sun 0700-1800

Active Duty maintain priority use at this facility. Cloth face-covering required please. Please clean the equipment after use. Occupancy limits.
*No towel service*

The Health Promotion Program at Kaneohe Bay embodies seven key elements made available to the base community through educational sessions and materials. The elements include tobacco use prevention and cessation, physical activity, injury prevention, nutrition education, weight management, chronic disease prevention, and sexual health and responsibility.

Check out the final standings of the 101 Days of Summer program.

 Seven Key Elements


Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation

We offer monthly tobacco cessation classes to help you lead a tobacco-free life. The classes are open to all active duty, retired military and their dependents and are a free service. For more information or to reserve your spot in the next class, please contact Health Promotions at (808) 254-7636

manliftingweightsPhysical Activity

The benefits of regular exercise have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to personal health. This program illustrates how to improve personal performance and support unit readiness.

manwrappingwristInjury Prevention

One of the keys to staying healthy is staying injury free. This program provides valuable information and preventative measures for reducing the chances of injury.

nutrition2Nutrition Education and Dietary Supplements

A key element of a healthy lifestyle is what you feed your body. This program focuses on general nutrition and the use of dietary supplements.

weightmanagementWeight Management

Maintaining optimal health starts with healthy weight management. This program focuses on awareness, education and resources to establish and maintain optimal body composition standards.

hypertensionChronic Disease Prevention

Chronic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes can be devastating. This program provides education and awareness on risk factor identification, screenings, and management of these types of chronic diseases.

Sexual Health and Responsibility

STD/HIV and other sexually transmitted infections are serious health problems. Sexual health includes the understanding of sexuality and healthy sexual relationships, sexually transmitted infections, and family planning.

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