Family Readiness Program

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mcftb_readinessFamily Readiness  Program Training provides necessary training for Command Teams, Family  Readiness Officers (FROs), Family Readiness Advisors and Assistants on their  roles and responsibilities in the Unit Family Readiness Program. This program also  conducts briefs for units.

Family Readiness Volunteer Training is open  to all spouses, parents, and extended family members of active duty Marines and  those serving with Marines. Attending is a good way to meet others who share  the Marine Corps bond while learning how the command team, MCCS team, and  military family work together to manage mission, life, and career events. This  6-hour training is held monthly and is for those appointed to, or interested  in, the role of Family Readiness Advisors/Assistants. Participants must  register in advance through their unit FRO. It is required training for all  Family Readiness Advisors/ Assistants.

For more information on training or to schedule a brief, please call the Family Readiness Program Trainer at 808-257-2650.



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