Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP)

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Family Member Employment Assistance Program
Marine and Family Programs
Building 579, Reed Road
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863-3073
Phone: 808-257-8354
Fax: 808-257-3003
Email: FMEAP

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 0730-1630
Closed on weekends and holidays



Mission Statement: The Family Member Employment Assistance Program (FMEAP) advises military spouses and eligible family members to make career decisions through an informed approach. FMEAP supports the achievement of personal and professional goals through employment, education, and volunteer resources and referrals.

Vision: Connecting military spouses and family members to meaningful and prosperous career endeavors.

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Workshops & Events

  • Spouse Transition & Readiness Seminar (S.T.A.R.S.): Spouses – if your service member is separating or retiring from active duty in less than 12 months, this is for YOU!
  • Resume and Interview Skills Workshop: Craft an effective resume for private/corporate sector jobs and prepare for an interview too.
  • Ten Steps to a Federal Job©: The Federal Government is hiring! Learn about it and the hiring preferences.
  • Targeted Federal Resume Writing Workshop: Learn to write an effective resume to qualify you for a specific or “targeted” federal job.
  • Networking Federal Resume Workshop: Gain insights to composing an effective federal resume suitable for job fairs, networking events, or elect it to be a searchable resume on USAJobs.
  • Spouse’s Networking Series: A special networking event for spouses to meet and connect with those that offer career-worthy opportunities and endeavors.
  • Technical Career Training: Free-of-charge education and vocational training. Ideal for military spouses, family members, and transitioning military members ages 16 to 24 years. By appointment only.

Special events for the month of May

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FMEAP Events

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Spouse’s Edition of Military Transition: Informing, educating, and preparing military spouses transitioning to civilian life.


Check out the Transition Readiness Program if your spouse is leaving active duty at the End of Active Service (EAS), Retirement or military discharge prior to EAS. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Articles & Resources

LinkedIn Premium: Upgrade for Military Spouses during a PCS or within six months of separation from the military.

How To Seek Reimbursement For Professional Relicensing Costs After A Move

If your family PCS’ed to a new state, and you had to secure a license or certification to continue working in the same profession at your new duty station, you may take advantage of the Spouse Relicensing Reimbursement Program to recoup up to $1000 of your relicensing or recertification expenses.

This is great news for teachers, lawyers, nurses, dental hygienists, nail technicians and any other professionals working in a field that requires a new state license/certification after a move.

To claim your reimbursement, your Service Member must go to their local Personnel Administration/IPAC office with copies of the following documentation:

  • PCS Orders
  • Old certification/license
  • New certification/license
  • Paid receipt
  • DD 1351-2

The reimbursement amount is established by applicable law and will vary depending upon the date PCS orders are effective. PCS orders with an effective date between December 12, 2017 and December 19, 2019 qualify for $500. PCS orders with an effective date between December 20, 2019 and December 31, 2024 qualify for $1000.

Reimbursement requests for relicensing/recertification fees associated with PCS orders issued after May 2019 must be submitted no later than 24 months after the issued date of the PCS orders.

To learn more about the reimbursement process and confirm your eligibility, contact your local IPAC/Admin Office.

MCCS Human Resources

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