Drive-In Theater

MCCS is proud to be able to offer this program to our valued Marines, Sailors and families. The drive-in is located in the base theater (building 219) parking lot. For base theater movies, visit ourĀ K-Bay Theater page for upcoming movies.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is all of our responsibilities to side with caution and safety to make this a fun evening for all. In developing this outdoor movie program, MCCS worked closely with the Public Health Emergency Officer (PHEO) to assure this could be executed in a safe manner for our Base Community.

The PHEO requires the following safety precautions that we must comply with to assure future movie showing:

  • Park in stalls indicated with stars only
  • Vehicles are required to social distance, utilizing every other stall
  • You may sit in the bed of your pickup truck (without a mask), but please, no lawn chairs, blankets or mats outside of your vehicle
  • Families of 10 or less may sit in the sectioned-off areas on the grass
  • At the Snack Bar, families are required to social distance at 10 feet
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No smoking in the parking lot

For sound, tune in to 107.1

Pacific Theater Drive-In

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