Current Employee Job Search

To apply for jobs from your worksite, on a PeopleSoft kiosk or DoD computer, you will need to access PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. Type or click on the following:

Your User ID: [your Employee ID number – EMPID]
Your Password: [MCCSxxxxxx where x equals the last six digits of your SSN]


To apply for MCCS Hawaii jobs from home, you will require special access.

  1. Visit the Human Resources Department to fill out a DD Form 2876, System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form to obtain authorization.
  2. Once you have completed the SAAR, type the following url into your browser: or click the button below.
  3. Click on the Current Employees button.
  4. At the Secure Access SSL VPN screen, read the MCCS Login Statement.
    Your Username: [your last name, first name initial, middle name initial]  (with no spaces & no punctuation)
    Your Password:[HeL$Lo#xxxx where x equals the last four digits of your EMP ID]
    At the PeopleSoft MCCS page, log in using your Employee Self Service ID and password.

For HR assistance, call HR/Training Branch at (808) 254-7632.
To reset your SAAR password, call MIS at (808) 254-7511.

Once you have been authorized and obtain a login, click the blue button below to search for job listings.

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