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Aloha and welcome to our career listing for Marine Corps Community Services Hawaii. MCCS is Windward Oahu’s largest employer, providing overwhelming support to Marines, Sailors, and their families at locations aboard Marine Corps Base Kaneohe, Camp Smith and Manana Housing. We believe that YOU may have the right dedication to customer service, the right attitude, and the right entrepreneurial spirit it takes to join our ohana. We invite you to learn more about us by viewing our website, and once you learn what a wonderful opportunity we can offer you, please consider employment with our organization by applying for positions we have listed below. Mahalo from the employees of MCCS Hawaii!

MCCS uses an advanced applicant tracking system for both internal and external job applicants.

To view Hawaii job listings, click on the red button below to get to the MCCS Civilian Careers Page. Then, under “Recruiting Location”, click the “Hawaii” tab and you will see our list of open job vacancies. Click on the job you are interested in and navigate through the screens. We look forward to meeting you!
NOTE: When uploading files to your profile, please upload Microsoft Word documents only.


Spouse Preference Program

This is a Department of Defense program instituted to lessen the adverse impact on the career paths of spouses of Active Duty Service members. The program grants eligible spouses, who are among the best qualified for positions graded NF-3 and below and equivalent hourly paid positions, a special preference in the selection process. If you are the spouse of an active duty service member ask us if you qualify for Spouse Preference.
Spouse Preference requires a copy of the active duty member’s orders with the spouse’s name listed. Effective 7 Oct 04, Spousal Preference applicants hired in a flexible position will not lose their spousal preference eligibility until transferred or hired into a regular Full-Time or Part-Time position.
There is no limit to the number of times spousal preference may be applied to referral and selection for non-continuing positions. Spouses may be simultaneously referred for continuing and non-continuing positions. Eligibility terminates due to acceptance or declination of an offer of a continuing Full-Time or Part-Time position.
If you are eligible for spouses preference, please fill out this Spouses Preference form and turn it in to the MCCS Human Resources Office.
Did you know?

Spouses can create a resume and get a FREE review with FMEAP? Contact your FMEAP advisor for assistance today!

To schedule a virtual appointment with an advisor, call 808-254-8354 or email: or, Mon-Fri 0730-1630.

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