North Beach, Pyramid Rock Beach, Hale Koa Beach, Secret Beach, and Ft. Hase Beach are all open.
Beach Lifeguard Hours:
May – December
1100 – 1730

Notice: Due to safety concerns, the North Beach access stairwell by Pond Road is closed.

With its four pristine beaches, Kaneohe Bay provides opportunities for ocean swimming, snorkeling, surfing and body boarding. Click here to see information on our POOLS.

Rescue Tubes now available at various locations along the shore line.
Follow instructions on posted signage, see below:

  1. If you DO NOT know how to swim in surf and rip currents, DO NOT grab the device and DO NOT enter the water.
  2. Get help – call or yell 911.
  3. Pull Rescue Tube behind you and use fins if possible.
  4. Stay calm.
  5. Kick across current towards the shore.

Warning: Authorized runway crossing to Pyramid Rock and Hale Koa Beaches is at Mokapu Road only. Pedestrians and joggers are prohibited from crossing the runway — Vehicle traffic only.

Beach Flag Conditions

White Flag Condition: Water activities are open. Surf and currents are moderate.

Yellow Flag Condition: Water activities are open. Fins are required when swimming due to high surf or strong currents.

Red Flag Condition: Unsafe conditions. Water and beaches are closed.

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