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Semper Fit Juniors Program

Semper Fit Center at Kaneohe Bay is implementing a new program open to 14 and 15 year olds who, upon the completion of a Fitness Basics class, will be issued an individualized pass to use the Center on their own without an adult accompaniment. Currently Semper Fit Center policy states that children ages 12-15 need to be accompanied by an adult. Children ages 16-18 have unrestricted access. This new JUNIORS PROGRAM satisfies the between ages and allows parents to choose whether or not their 14 and 15 year olds can get an early start on utilizing the facility before the age of 16.

The Fitness Basics Class
The Fitness Basics Class consists of the following:

  • Review of facility policies
  • Basic education on fitness center etiquette and attire
  • Cardiovascular and Strength Training equipment instruction for safety and terminology
  • Instruction on proper exercise technique and the F.I.T.T. principle
  • Outline personal goals and realistic outcomes
  • Healthy lifestyle discussion

Upon completion of the class the participants will receive a badge and will be granted independent access to the Fitness Center from 1400-1730, Monday through Friday, and during regular operational hours on the weekends and holidays. Even with completion of the Fitness Basics class, youth must be accompanied by an adult outside of these designated hours. Independent access will be granted to all Group Exercise classes regardless of times (participant fees still apply). Participants must present their Military ID and badge upon entering the facility following completion of the basics class. See this SF Junior’s Program PDF for more details.

When: Held every 2nd Thursday of each month from 1500-1630.
Where: Semper Fit Center, K-Bay
Cost: FREE

Youth Sports Registrations
Click here for the 2018-19 Youth Sports Calendar

Youth Sports
Call the Youth Sports Coordinator at 254-7473 for more information on upcoming sports.

Current Registrations
2018 Spring Wrestling Flyer
2018 Spring Volleyball Flyer
2018 Spring Baseball Flyer

Volunteer Coaches Needed
Coaches needed for all youth sports. Contact the Youth Sports Coordinator if interested. Call (808) 254-7473 or email.

KidFit Program

KidFit is a GREAT opportunity for children ages 6 thru 12 to learn all aspects of physical well being. Your child will learn the importance of warming up, stretching, cardio respiratory fitness, strength and conditioning as well as cool downs.

HITT for Kids
HITT for Kids is a clinic developed and instructed by Semper Fit instructors and Certified Strength and conditioning Specialist to increase speed, quickness and agility in conjunction with youth sports (for children 5-18 years old). Activities include: active/dynamic warm-up (general mobility, muscle activation, transit mobility and dynamic mobility), sprints, cone drills, hurdles, agility ladders, relays, and more. Call 808-254-7597 for the next clinic dates.

tennisBoyJunior Tennis
For junior tennis programs, please see our Contracted Classes page.

Youth Sports
A variety of youth sports are offered throughout the year including basketball, soccer, flag football, cheerleading, baseball, volleyball, wrestling, and inline hockey. Youth are divided by age groups and will compete against teams from other Hawaii military installations in the Hawaii Military Youth Athletic Association. Generally, teams will practice during weekday afternoons and participate in games on Saturdays. These are instructional leagues that feature minimum playing times for each player and emphasize sportsmanship, skill development, and instilling a lifelong desire to play sports. Players receive game uniforms which they keep at the conclusion of the season. Fees will vary slightly from year to year and according to the particular sport.

Youth Sports Volunteer Coaches Needed!
We are constantly on the lookout for volunteer coaches.
Youth Sports Volunteer Coach Application Form

For more information contact the Youth Sports Coordinator:
Phone: 808-254-7473
Email: Youth Sports Program
or visit the Semper Fit Center, Bldg. 3037, Kaneohe Bay

Registration Forms
The following forms are in pdf format. Please click the links below. You may fax the form to Semper Fit at 808-254-7582 or visit the Semper Fit Center, Bldg. 3037, Kaneohe Bay. Be sure to sign and date.

Youth Sports Registration

Youth Sports Handbooks
The following Handbooks are in pdf format. Please click the link below.

Youth Sports Volunteer Coaches Handbook

Youth Sports Parent Handbook


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