Staff NCO Club

The Staff NCO Club is located in the Klipper Golf Center. Accessible either through the front or side entrance, the SNCO Club is a relaxing environment, perfect for hanging out. This facility is strictly for the use of E6-E9. Make the most of your club – you’ve earned it! (No children under 18 allowed in the bar.)

glassofbeerHappy Hour

Thursdays & Fridays 1600-1800
25% off Food & Beverages
(excludes 50-cent wings)


50¢ Wing Night on Thursdays

Get 50¢ wings every Thursday from 1600-2000. Dine-in only.

First Fridays

Come to the Staff NCO Club the first Friday of each month from 1600 to midnight for First Fridays with a DJ starting at 2000. This is a great way to relax and unwind with friends after a long week! Call 254-7650 for more info.

Wing Man Night

Every 1st Thursday of the month is Wing Man Night at the Staff NCO Club. SNCOs can invite an officer to the club on these nights.

BaseO 1746.20C

Minors will not be permitted in the club in any area where liquor is served except when accompanied by an eligible adult patron and the minor is an individual 18-20 years of age, excluding dining room and private events.

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