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Hawaii Department of Education

  • SLP Quick Reference Guide for Enrollment/Registration Requirements
  • The enrollment process cannot be initiated until arrival; however, a few requirements can be done ahead of time. Please be sure to hand carry all of this documentation with you!
  • For State of Hawaii Department of Education Registration Requirements web page, please visit: State of Hawaii DOE
  • A Hawaii Department of Education Student Health Record is required for enrollment. By the first day of school, all students entering school in Hawaii for the first time must have:
    • Tuberculosis (TB) clearance, AND
    • A completed student health record that includes: Student’s Health Record (Form 14)
      • A physical examination
      • All required immunizations
        *OR, a signed statement or a medical appointment card from your child’s doctor that verifies that your child is in the process of completing missing immunizations or the physical examination.

Completing all health requirements prior to moving from your current location is highly encouraged. The Hawaii State Health Record can be printed a given to the clinic or doctor’s office where you currently reside. Ask the clinic/physician to record information about physicals and TB tests on to the PDF form. Prior immunization records may be attached to the PDF. The dates of the physical and TB test must be within one year at the time of registration.


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