SAPR – Become an Active Bystander

Becoming an Active Bystander

Bystanders have the power to stop assaults from occurring and to get help for people who have been victimized. As Marines, your core values demand that you act. There are no passive bystanders in the Marine Corps. When you see or sense the risk of sexual assault, it is your duty to intervene and protect your fellow Marines.
What can bystanders do to make a difference?

  • Believe someone who discloses a sexual assault or other victimization.
  • Be respectful of yourself and others. Take the personal responsibility to ensure that you are seeking consent in your own sexual relationships.
  • Watch out for fellow Marines and friends. If you see someone who looks like they are in trouble, ask if they are okay. Provide necessary assistance.
  • Be aware of parties and situations when alcohol is being consumed. Watch out for individuals who may be taking advantage of someone who has had too much to drink, or for the individuals who might be vulnerable to a perpetrator.
  • Speak up! If someone says or does something offensive, derogatory or abusive, let them know that the behavior is wrong and you don’t want to be around it. Don’t laugh at comments or jokes that are disrespectful or degrading. Challenge your peers to be respectful and to create a climate free from sexual assault.
  • Get involved with local sexual assault prevention programs and awareness activities by volunteering or attending events.





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