Samuel Adams Sports Grill

If you have not already dined at Samuel Adams Sports Grill, you are missing out on a wonderful experience. Located at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Center, the grill features a 180˚ panorama of the golf course. Even if you do not play the sport, anyone can appreciate the serene, resort-like beauty of the surrounding area.

SAinsideThe inside of the grill has a comfortable, inviting atmosphere – it is a place you want to sit down and enjoy your meal. The newly renovated interior features many modern upgrades, such as granite countertops, slate tile floors and flat screen TVs. If you prefer to dine to soft music and gentle breezes, outside seating is available under a new, airy canopy.

The Samuel Adams Sports Grill has a great breakfast, lunch and dinner menu at reasonable prices. Beverages include Samuel Adams beers on tap and in bottles, energy and sports drinks. There is coffee and a cappuccino machine, and the soda fountain has a refreshing sweetened green tea. All food is available for dine-in or take-out, and they have sandwiches, chips and candy for a quick bite on-the-go. View our Samuel Adams menu here. OPEN TO ALL HANDS


malasadaIntroducing…Malasada Mondays!

Now you can order fresh, hot malasadas at Sam Adams every Monday from 0700-1030. At a cost of just $1.95 for four, it’s a perfect item to bring back to the office to share.

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