MCFTB – Readiness and Deployment Support

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mcftb_mon_kidsReadiness & Deployment provides support to Marines, Sailors, and family through  all phases of deployment through various briefs and workshops, designed to increase stability and autonomy.

Workshops & Briefs Offered:

  • Pre-Deployment Briefs
  • Mid-Deployment Brief
  • Return & Reunion

Contact the Readiness and Deployment Support Trainer 808-257-2650 for more information or to register for classes.

Pre-Deployment for Parents & Kids
This training uses an optional guest speaker and activities for children age 5 and older to prepare for the upcoming deployment. The adult component highlights ways that parents can support their children during a deployment and to recognize common reactions children may exhibit due to deployment.

mcftb_deployMid-Deployment – Kids & Deployment
This workshop is designed to promote deployment success for kids, including reactions to deployment, ways parents can help, and resources available.


Return and Reunion – Parents and Kids
This workshop provides age-appropriate activities for children age 5 and older to prepare for the upcoming return, reunion, and reintegration with their Marine parent. The adult component combines ways parents can support their child during return, reunion, and reintegration.



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