Marina Boat Licensing Procedures

Marina License Requirements

Water Ski, Pontoon and 6-Person Boat  License Procedures

You must hold a license with the Kaneohe MCB Marina to rent and operate any of our boats. To obtain a license for renting a fishing boat, water ski boat or pontoon boat, you must complete the online class(es) by clicking the button in the right column.


Sailboat License Procedures

You can obtain a sailboat license by taking one of the sailing classes offered at the Marina or if you already know how to sail you can come and take our sailing test and prove proficiency in rigging our non-keel boats. By passing the test, and proving proficiency you will be issued a license. Follow the link in the right column to be taken to the sailing page for information on boats, procedures and fees.


Boat Licensing Bay Check Days

After completing your test, you will need to schedule a bay check (ride around the bay). The bay check is for the licensee only, passengers are not allowed. Below is a listing of bay check days. If you are taking the sailing exam, you will be given more information upon completing the test.

Pontoon and 6-Person Boats
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 1530; Saturdays: 0930; Sundays: 0930

Water Ski Boats
Saturdays: 0830

Licenses are good for one year and are $25. This must be paid prior to your bay check. Patrons must check in 30 minutes prior to the bay check ride to allow time for payment. You will need to schedule your bay check online after your test.


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