Auto Skills Center


Save money on auto repairs by doing it yourself at the Auto Skills Center located at Kaneohe Bay. The self-help garages are equipped with the necessary tools, equipment and technical expertise to perform most types of automotive maintenance and repairs on privately-owned vehicles.

Minor auto-care service and State of Hawaii Safety Inspections are available.


whitecarAuto Auction – Deals on Wheels

Are you looking for a new car? Whether you’re in search of a sports car, sedans or — just an old “island car” to get you from point A to B, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to get it. The Auto Skills Center, located in Bldg. 3097, hosts an auto auction where wheels get new owners for as little as $100. Call 808-254-7675 for more information. Auctions are held the 1st-10th of each month unless otherwise noted. View the November 15-24 Auction.

Upcoming Auctions:
November 15-24, 2015
December 1-10, 2015
December 15-24, 2015

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