Aloha Kitchen

This fast-casual restaurant features fresh, healthy meal options for breakfast and lunch. Be sure to try one of our signature dishes while you’re here. The back dining room is also available for meetings. To inquire about availability, please call 484-9419.

Having a morning meeting? Come in and enjoy breakfast at Aloha Kitchen. We serve breakfast from 0630 – 1030. Lunch is served from 1030. From local favorites to grab-&-go items, you’re sure to find something satisfying for lunch.

Click here to view our Aloha Kitchen Breakfast Menu. Click here for the lunch menu.


Daily Plate Lunch Specials

8/14 Monday: Chicken Adobo – Diced Chicken Braised in a Traditional Adobo Sauce Served Over Your Choice of White or Brown Rice and Fresh Steamed Vegetables

8/15 Tuesday: Kalbi Beef Steak – “Boneless Strip Steak” Marinated Overnight and Seared for Tenderness then Served with Choice of White or Brown Rice and Fresh Steamed Vegetables

8/16 Wednesday: Pork Tenderloin – Served with Homemade Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Gravy with Freshly Steamed Vegetables

8/17 Thursday: Italian Herb Chicken – Boneless Chicken Breast Marinated in Italian Herbs and Tossed with Fresh Tomatoes, Garlic with Linguini and Fresh Steamed Vegetables

8/18 Friday: Seafood Paella – Shrimp, Scallops and Fresh Local Fish Sautéed with, Tomatoes, Sweet Bell Peppers, Garlic and Saffron Rice Served with Fresh Steamed Vegetables

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