101 Days of Summer

Coordinated by the Semper Fit Program and Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC).

Earn funds for your unit and help celebrate a great cause! The 101 Days of Summer program promotes unit competitions & events with the mission of eliminating illegal drug use and promoting the responsible use of alcohol within the military. Participate in any of the 14 activities and events and earn points for your unit. The winning unit in each division will receive $750 for their unit fund. That’s not all! Second place units will receive $500 towards their unit fund and this year we have added a third place where Units win $250. Events where you can earn unit points include fun runs, swim meet, bowling tournament, field meet activities like volleyball horseshoes and tug of war; health promotion classes, and more! A registration packet will be posted soon with how to register your unit. For more information contact the Health Promotion Coordinator, ph. 254-7636, and the Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator at SACC, ph. 257-8377.


2015 Final Standing

Large unit:
1st– Headquarters Battalion — 5,640
2nd– MALS-24 — 4,020
3rd– CLB3 — 3,445

Small unit:
1st– VR-51 — 4,760
2nd– 21st Dental — 4,350
3rd– VPU2 — 1,495


2014 Final Standing

Large Division:
1st– MALS-24 — 2955
2nd– HQBN — 1785
3rd– CLB3 — 1555

Small Division:
1st– 21st Dental Company — 6815
2nd– MAG-24 — 4210
3rd– HMLA-367 — 3195


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